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urscream therapy (primary therapy)

Primary therapists try to raise awareness of the original pain and the suspected traumatization. Similar to classic psychoanalysis, psychological defense mechanisms should be overcome. In the beginning, methods such as isolation, tobacco and drug bans and breath control were used, but nowadays gentler interventions and treatment with medication are also used. In the course of primary therapy, attempts are made to make patients aware of repressed traumatic experiences in a backward-looking chronological order. During a so-called primal experience, the patient experiences his trauma primarily on a physical level. The physical reliving leads to different effects. On the one hand, early memories are reactivated regardless of physical experience. On the other hand, it should make it possible for the patient to recognize "connections" to tics, addictions, and psychosomatic diseases.

Primary therapy (English: Primal Therapy) is the German term for a psychotherapeutic treatment method developed by the American psychologist Arthur Janov. It is based on the Primal Theory (“primary theory”), the basis of which he described in his book The Original Scream. Primary therapy is based on the assumption that early childhood catastrophic painful (traumatic) psychobiological experiences and experiences can have a lasting negative impact on the overall development and later life of people and that reliving these experiences and experiences can mitigate and reduce their negative effects. It is not scientifically recognized.

Source: Wikipedia