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The term autologous blood therapy or autologous blood treatment is understood to mean various methods, which have in common that a certain amount of blood is first taken from the patient in order to subsequently inject or infuse it again, with some methods treating it beforehand in different ways.

Proponents of autologous blood therapy see the various procedures as “non-specific stimulus therapies” or non-specific retuning therapies. These belong to the alternative medical procedures without proof of effectiveness. The body's own blood is said to serve as a stimulus for foreign bodies. Autologous blood therapy originated from experiments by the English doctor William Highmore in 1874 and from Novotny in 1912. Autologous blood procedures can be strictly differentiated from autologous donation (autotransfusion) as well as from various dialysis procedures.

A common variant of autologous blood treatment contains an addition of ozone. This procedure can be found in alternative medicine. As a rule, autologous blood therapy is repeated several times.