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Antihomotoxic therapy, homotoxology

The antihomotoxic therapy is based on the findings of homotoxology - the study of the toxins. Homotoxins are toxins that harm the body. They disturb the steady state of the body, the homeostasis - causing diseases called homotoxicoses.

These poisons are either endogenous to the body or are exogenous to the body from the outside. The body gets out of balance - it creates a disease as a reaction of the body to the poison. The goal of antihomotoxic therapy is to stimulate the body's defense. The body is stimulated to excrete the harmful homotoxins and thus to detoxify.

Once the toxin is removed from the body, the disease caused by the homotoxin disappears. Furthermore, a regeneration, that is a recovery of organs and tissues is sought, which were attacked by the body poison and impaired.

The founder of this therapy was dr. med. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg.