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traditional thai massage (TTM)

Traditional Thai massage (TTM) is a system of massage techniques known in Thailand under the Thai name Nuat Phaen Boran (Thai นวด แผน โบราณ), which literally means "massage according to an ancient pattern". In Western Europe, it is also called Thai Yoga Massage.

The Thai massage consists of passive stretching positions and stretching movements taken from yoga, mobilization of the joints and pressure point massages. Simplified, it can therefore be summarized as a combination of (passive) yoga and acupressure.

Ten selected energy lines (Thai: สิบ เส้น - sip sen), which according to Ayurvedic teachings run through the body as an energetic network, are worked on by gentle stretching and with the rhythmic pressure of the balls of the thumb, knees, elbows and feet.

The Thai massage takes place clothed on a floor mat. It is characterized by its dynamic, powerful aspect. A classic Thai massage routine for a patient without special complaints consists of at least 77 individual treatment techniques and requires at least 1½ hours, an individualized treatment can take up to three hours.

Source: Wikipedia