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B17 therapy

The B 17 therapy or also vitamin B 17 therapy is called as a form of alternative cancer therapy. 

B 17 or also
Amygdalin is a substance made from apricot or almond kernels. The cyanogenic glycoside is supposed to split off prussic acid (also called cyanic acid) in the presence of water and the enzyme mixture emulsion, which can lead to poisoning. High intoxication risk already 50 mg of it are lethal.

Is misleading as a term, since it is a so-called "pseudovitamin", which the human body does not need for its function.

There are no controlled, randomized clinical trials with amygdalin or laetrile (a slightly modified synthetic substance patented in the USA by Ernst T. Krebs, in the early 1950s). Which would prove a benefit in the treatment of tumor diseases.