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Acne pustules, removal

What is acne? What is the difference between pimples and late-acne? What cause, what treatment do we offer for late acne, blackheads, Mallorca acne and sun acne? from dr. med. Harald Bresser
Very many people of all ages suffer from bad skin and acne. Small pimple pimples on the face or back, thick blackheads, deep-set painful knots - the acne can take many forms. The most well-known is the puberty acne, at the beginning always coarse pores and numerous "blackheads" are. But: the acne knows no age limit: it can hit anyone - from infants to adults.
Blackheads are called medically "comedones". In addition to the very common puberty acne also other forms of acne exist: acne tarda (late acne), cosmetic acne, scratch acne, tropical acne, acne of newborns, drug acne, professional acne, Mallorca - acne, chloracne ... The recommendations of this leaflet relate above all to the "normal" acne, which begins with puberty and often ends after a few years by itself. However, they also apply to some extent to the other, more specific problems of impure skin. Incidentally, acne is never contagious! Acne and blemished skin can be very uncomfortable and annoying and spoil the patient's life - acne is not dangerous (except for the very worst, very rare types of acne). Acne has nothing to do with cancer.