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Ultraviolet blood irradiation, UVB therapy

The ultraviolet irradiation of the blood UVB is a non-toxic, d. H. harmless, biological therapy method, which leads to a significant improvement in the flow properties of the blood, cell respiration and oxygen utilization in poorly perfused tissue sections. It is a stimulation and stimulation therapy that activates important biochemical processes in chronically ill and stressed tissue and additionally provides both molecular oxygen and energetic potential.

This is also the basis for the immunizing effect of UVB therapy. Light and oxygen are the foundations of our existence. The plants can absorb the energy directly from sunlight, but in humans, the red blood cell (hemoglobin) dye carrier in the blood needs ultraviolet light to form activated oxygen. A chronic lack of oxygen, especially in our highly civilized world, damages all cells, especially the delicate organ cells such as the cardiovascular system.