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Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy is defined as a medically indicated and prescribed movement which is planned and dosed by a specialist therapist, controlled together with the doctor and carried out with the patient alone or in a group. 

These include not only physiotherapy or physiotherapy, but also yoga, dance therapy, Qi Gong, movement therapy is part of Kneipp medicine, sports therapy and many more.

Use to improve the function of damaged or dysfunctional joints. Strengthening of weakened muscles. Stretching of shortened muscles, tendons, joint capsules, skin, scars. Restoring the balance of the musculature.
Exercise therapy is becoming increasingly important as a support in the treatment of cancer patients.


  • Severe pain during movement
  • Open wounds
  • Illnesses and injuries requiring immobilization.
  • An existing tissue ischemia or an acute inflammation (erysipelas)
  • Acute compression of a nerve
  • Feverish infections