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Self-urine treatment (synonymous with self-urine therapy) is a historical or alternative medical treatment method in which your own urine is drunk in small or large quantities, applied externally or administered by syringe. Instillation in the eyes, nose or ears is also described.

Some users today consider autologous urine treatment to be naturopathy and are intended to stimulate the body's own defenses (non-specific immunotherapy), but this is rejected by leading representatives of naturopathy; the therapy is also not found in any naturopathic textbook. Furthermore, according to the proponents of self-urine treatment, there are minerals, hormones and the body's own germicidal substances in the urine, which is why - in the opinion of users with a therapeutic effect - it can also be instilled on wounds. Neither the benefits nor the harmfulness of urine treatments have been proven.

Source: Wikipedia